Denim Padberg's Path 
Denim Padberg has been having a successful year, to say the least. While many students his age are working through basic math like multiplication and division, and naming the planets in our solar system, Denim is on his own path. He has been encouraged and aided by family and educators to research and write a book on one of his favorite ponderances - quantum physics, including relativity and the creation and destruction of matter and our own universe as we experience it. How Relative is Relativity was published earlier this year. He has received great acclaim in local press recently since his signing event (October 25) at the Embudo Valley Library in Dixon and the September release of his book. We at Taos Academy are very proud to be able to work with Denim and help his unique interests and abilities guide his academic career here (he has a few more years of primary and secondary school to get through first). We can't wait to see what he'll come up with next. 
Denim w RG Sun
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