Sebastien Moulton's Inside the Rainbow 

The Taos News came to Taos Academy on Monday, February 16th to interview Sebastien Moulton about his documentary, "Inside the Rainbow" that he completed last week.  The documentary features Taos Academy students and PFLAG scholarship recipients talking about various LGBTQ issues in our community. The documentary was developed by request from PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Taos as a way to send a strong, clear, and supportive message to students, families, and the entire Taos community.Students in the film volunteered to take part and received permission from their parents.Taos Academy is proud to partner with PFLAG Taos and give voice to youth in the conversation about equality and embracing diversity.  It is imperative to staff and students at Taos Academy that we create a safe, healthy learning environment and continuing to have conversations about how to treat one another respectfully will help us achieve our goal.

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