About Us

The Taos Academy Difference

We are a State Charter public school offering a dynamic and innovative educational delivery system. It is our privilege to provide 5th-12th grade students with engaging and rigorous core curriculum, highly motivating elective classes, leadership and career training, college preparation and community involvement through our state-of-the-art 21st century learning environment.

At Taos Academy, we hold the belief that every learner deserves access to excellence in educational opportunities regardless of his or her abilities or location. Our hybrid educational delivery model uses a unique combination of direct classroom and digital instruction with proven curriculum to address each learner’s individual needs. Flexibility in scheduling allows for the student to work in our technology labs or wherever a high-speed internet connection is available. Students attend the Taos Academy facility for tutoring, workshops, and classes in our media arts lab or in our science/math/engineering lab.

Highly qualified and experienced licensed teachers conduct classes both on-site and from remote locations. Each student is assigned an instructional advisor for consistent contact, guidance, feedback and encouragement. Tutoring is available for students in need of additional support. Teachers will also provide support for leadership training, outdoor education, and community service learning projects.

Students are enrolled at Taos Academy through a lottery system. Visit the enrollment page for more info. Each accepted student will complete an application and have an interview with an administrator or instructional advisor. During the interview process, educational and career plans will be developed through the collaborative efforts of the student, parent, and instructional advisor. The student will also undergo academic assessment to determine the appropriate course placement. We look forward to providing students one of the most innovative and effective educational experiences available anywhere.