Taos Academy Receives an A Grade

5th Year Strong - Another 'A' Grade From the State
Posted on 08/28/2016
Grade Image

I want to congratulate Taos Academy students for their accomplishments last school year. Taos Academy has been issued an “A grade” for the fourth year in a row by the Public Education Department. This is quite an accomplishment and I want to congratulate TA staff, students and parents for being dedicated to excellence in education. Again we are all very proud of the success of our students, their hard work, and commitment to achieving academic honor. Congratulations All!! 

As stated in Taos Academy’s Charter, we continue to look for areas to grow in achievement. We are implementing some new programs this year in reading, writing and student support to better meet our student needs. Students who need extra support to meet proficiency levels will be required to attend out campus more often. Increasing your child’s time at school for us to support his/her academic need is a priority for us.

We will be notifying you and your child soon about options for more time at school. To view the entire report, go here.

We will be sending individual score sheets home this week. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, and thanks again for all your support and efforts of making TA a wonderful learning environment. 

Traci FilissDirector Taos Academy