SB-9 Vote for School Capital Improvement Funding

SB-9 Vote for School Capital Improvement Funding
Posted on 01/09/2019
SB9 Funding
What is the Capital Improvements Act (SB-9) and why is it important?
The Public School Capital Improvements Act (known as SB-9 or the two-mill levy), provides an ongoing of funding for routine school source maintenance, improving school grounds,  buildings, remodeling, furnishings, computers, software and technology infrastructure. These projects protect the taxpayers’ investment in our buildings and assure they are safe, functional  places for teaching and learning. School Districts must ask the voters to reauthorize the tax every six years. Mill levy funds cannot be used for school district staff salaries.      

How Do I Vote?

• The voting shall be by mail ballot only. There will be no polling places for the election.
• The ballot shall be mailed to each registered voter in the district by January 8, 2019.
• The mail-in ballot must be returned by 7:00 PM Tuesday, February 5th, 2019.  
Ballots can be dropped off at the County Clerk’s Office at:  105 Albright Street Taos, NM 87571

Will My Taxes Increase?
No, this election is for the continuance of the existing two mill levy. Taxes will not increase upon passage of the Capital Improvement Act (SB-9). 

What Will Happen If SB- 9 Does Not Pass? 
Crucial building maintenance would either not be performed or would have to be paid for by taking operational money out of the classroom. Also, districts would lose matching funds (up to 75% per year, depending on local tax collections) provided by the state to Districts whose voters have approved levying the capital improvements tax.    

Download the Brochure and help spread the word! You must mail in or drop off your ballot to vote!