TA Potluck and Gala Night April 26

TA Gala Night and Potluck coming up!
Posted on 04/03/2019
TA Gala Night and Potluck coming up!

TA ANNUAL “GALA NIGHT” and POTLUCK is a celebration of learning and dining.

Parents, friends, and community members are all invited to come to a gallery to showcase student work and performances on April 26th from 5:00 to 7:00pm. We will be celebrating the opening of our new multi purpose building, as well as accomplishments of excellence. Come and see what your students have created in their enrichment classes, 21st Century classes, and STEM+Arts Institute classes. Each advisory group is assigned a part of the meal to bring (entree, salad or side dish, dessert, or drinks).

Volunteers needed.

Potluck Assignments - Please bring the following according to advisory:

Mrs. Joseph’s and Mr. Van Willigen’s classes — sides and salads

Mr. Cisneros’ and Mrs. Emanuelli’s classes — dessert and drinks and ice

Mr. Weisfeld’s and Ms. Samoiel’s classes — main dish

Ms. Densow’s College Link – bowls and plates, utensils, napkins, cup

It is a fun night for all - bring your friends and family! See you there! Come join the fun and bring a dish to share!